Cricut Tutorials

Getting started with Cricut Design Space:

The Stirling-Rawdon Public Library has a Cricut Maker that is available for public use. So you’d like to learn how to use a Cricut? The very first step is to install Cricut Design Space on your laptop or computer so watch this video to learn how to do that!

Basic Features of Cricut Design Space:

You can access Cricut Design Space from home and do all your designing before even coming in to cut out the design at the library! Check out this video that shows what some of Cricut Design Space’s basic features are and how to use them

Using Text in Cricut Design Space:

Learn how to use text in Cricut Design Space in this tutorial video

Uploading an Image to Cricut Design Space:

Let us show you how to upload an image into Cricut Design Space in this weeks Cricut Tutorial! Our Cricut Maker is available for public use so be sure to contact us if you would like to use it