We’re looking for…SEEDS!

We are still accepting seeds if you have any you would like to share with the library and the community! Please ensure that they are clean and dry but otherwise don’t worry about how they are packaged too much as we will be packaging them into envelopes. Also include as much information about they type of seed and growing requirements as you know! Thanks!

We Need Your Help!

We have applied for a grant through L.E.A.F Commonwell that will allow us to create a Makerspace in the children’s department. We need you to click on the link below and leave a comment or photo about things you’ve done at the library, why we should receive the grant or just to express your support of the project or the library! This project is for you, the community, so help us create this space for you 🙂
Follow the link for more information on this project. Thank you for your support!

We need your help!

The Stirling-Rawdon Public Library has applied for a grant through the L.E.A.F Commonwell Initiative and we need your help! Part of the requirements for the grant is to rally community support and the more support the better! We need you to share stories, comments and images of support to our project page which is linked below. Also please share to social media! Any and all engagements help our submission so please help!
What we’re applying for…we want to create a Makerspace in the children’s department. What is a Makerspace? It is a place where people can go to create things, problem solve, learn new things and experiment with different equipment. We want to purchase things like robotics and STEM equipment, offer programming on how to use them and also have a dedicated space for people to just come in and create. Click the link for more information on this project.